Thanks to Rubiks Cube Performers

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ps. it rained so we couldnt do the show at old gasworks 😦

plus no one cares about the recording after the moment. but hear iClick Heret is


Players: Pre-Performance Guided Meditation

I have to call each player before the performance to talk them thru their palmcard. (instructions for playing on the day). Here are the examples

Performance: Movement 1 and 2: April 20th, Teneriffe Gasworks

Rubiks Cube

Whole Scores

Movement One: When Birds Were Still People

All Ensembles: lifeisarubickscube_manuscriptM1

Movement Two: Waiting

All Ensembles:lifeisarubickscube_manuscriptM2

Movement One & Movement Two:

Red & White: lifeisarubickscube_manuscriptRW

Green & Blue: lifeisarubickscube_BGmanuscript

Orange & Yellow:lifeisarubickscube_OYmanuscript

II: B2, B7: Guitar

II: B5: Bass Guitar

I: B9: Vocal

I: G4: Viola

Movement 1: Viola

I: G6: Contrabass

I: O: Man Made Strings

Extension of Colour Work with Leaf Theme for my Autumn Babies.

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