A*ex Cu**e

    • Instrument Maker
    • D.O.B witheld upon request
    • Lucky # = 13
    • Sometimes players just don’t get the system, so I recalculated Alexs Path. Here is his quote
  • hey nicolai was born in spring which makes me orenge? but i was in sydney at the time which probably makes it a off orenge. perhaps even brown?Im staying at your old house atm i think in berlin where Erin is living. With robyn… small world hey

Magical Formula = 6 + 4 + 15 – 13

= 12

= 3

Start Square = Orange3

Signature Move = 1 Diagonal. 3 across

End Square = Red5

(for ending calculations see https://rubicksmusic.wordpress.com/about-rubicks-destiny/)

Alex’s Path:

From Orange to Red: Yes, you were right Alex. Ok. So you have determined yourself to be Orange. And thats OK because well in Australia, Spring and Autumn are hard to tell but you had a distinct view of being a temperate colour. So I have made you one. But your path to the Red remains the same. From an in between state to an extreme. This definitive nature suits you, once nature is more predictable you can just relax and have fun.

From 3 to 5: from Wolf to Meerkat. your autumn wolf is the most romantic of wolves. It will take you a long time to get on your quest to meerkat. Because you are the most confused wolf. you spend most your time trying to balance the romance of autumn and the solo wolf quest. In the end you find you just need community and you learn to relax those thoughts.  have fun, jump around, enjoy sunsets.


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