Joel Stern

  • Experimental Musician
  • Born 1/1/79
  • Lucky # = 42

Magical Formula = 1 + 1 + 8 -42

= -32

= 5

Starting Square = White5

Signature Move = 4 diagonal and 2 across

Ending Square = Yellow6

(for ending calculations see

Joel’s Path

From 5 to 6: from Meerkat to Echidna, you must learn to balance your internal happiness, from a giving community base you can continue to be helpful but develop a defence system to keep the bad vibes out, move from the desert to the forest

From White to Yellow: A winter meerkat you can be full of contradictions, and to a temperate summer echidna you find peace in the forest. Too much winter contemplation could be a bad thing, focus your helpful skills in the forest community. You are a “go to” wise person after being a weird winter meerkat.


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