Marly Luske

  • Musician, Studio Owner
  • Born 4/1/82
  • Lucky # = 7

Magical Formula = 4 + 1 + 10 – 7

= 8

Start Square = Red8

Signature Move = 7 across

End Square = Orange4

(for ending calculations see

Marly’s Path:

From 8 to 4: Born powerful and with energy to regenerate, the snake will continue to regenerate until it becomes a happy pig, able to laugh and no one will know the inner wisdom of snake that lies within the pig but it is there.

From Red to Orange: From extreme heat to a shade where extreme heat does not exist, it indicates a learning of temperance and adjusting, an exploration out of the area to find subtle shading and the autumn leaves and autumn rain an appreciation for the world outside of your birth land. From fiery bronze to a fine string – you spend your path toning down and stretching.


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