Rebecca Clun-Cunningham

  • Performance Artist
  • Born 9/5/82
  • Lucky # = 7

Magical Formula = 9 + 5 + 10 – 7

= 17

= 8

Start Square = Red8

Signature Move = 7 across

End Square = Orange4

(for ending calculations see

Rebecca’s Path

From 8 to 4: A Hot 8, you have harnessed the primal power of the snake. A desert snake but you are moving to colder climates to the mountains making rivers as you travel. From desert snake to mountain pig. You will have fun in the mountains and be stubborn in your way, but revel in it. Disturb and provoke everyone to think because you are in a community environment but still have the primal power in you.

From Red to Orange:  From the heat to one of the beautifullest moments in the four seasons. Your journey to temperance will be one of beauty and ascent. Like a molten element being drooped and formed, that is your life and your journey.


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