Ross Manning

  • Kinetic & Sound Sculpturer
  • Born 24/4/78
  • Lucky # = 6

Magical Formula = 6 + 4 + 15 -6

= 19

= 1

Start Square = Red1

Signature Move = 6 across

End Square = Orange9

(for ending calculations see

Ross’ Path:

From 1 to 9: Smart monkey learns to hone energy into strong horse. Monkey has fun when young but then becomes strong horse. Still wild but more stable

From Red to Orange: Even tho Ross called himself a Greenish Brown. I will call him a Red with the average min temperature in April still being 20 degrees Celsius, its still a summer time. So even though this man wants to be classical he is born in the heat and no suprise of course that he moves towards the orange, to feel the four seasons. But it mirrors his monkey to horse. it indicates a learning of temperance and adjusting, an exploration out of the area to find subtle shading and the autumn leaves and autumn rain an appreciation for the world outside. From fiery bronze to a fine string – you spend your path toning down and stretching.


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