Vanessa Tomlinson

  • Percussionist
  • Born 4/6/71
  • Lucky # = 39

Magical Formula = 4 + 6 + 8 – 39

= -21

= 3

Starting Position = Blue3

Signature Move = 3 Diagonal, 9 across

Ending Position = Red5

(for ending calculations see

From 3 to 5: A popular movement amongst the players for Movements 1 and 2. From spiritual beginnings you will find your place within community and giving to the community. From a wolf to a meerkat. Hunter to Playful. You must remember from the meerkats around you, many were once also wolves but now you are here to eat and jump around together.  You will find yourself in a community of similar minded people with similar experiences.

From Blue to Red: From a nice beginning to a strong ending. The percussive sounds of the extremes have drawn you out of the conventional.  From being a wolf in the beginning you always had strength but you find community in the heat and a different kind of strength. Meerkat is the closest animal to happiness, so make your way to the hot meerkat.

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