Henry Mills

  • Student
  • Born 11/10/1987
  • Lucky # = are the odd numbers from 9 to 21 excluding 11, 13, 17 and 19

11 + 10 + 25 – 15

= 31

= 4

Start Square: Green4

Signature Move: 1 Diagonal, 5 Across

End Square: Yellow1

(for ending calculations see https://rubicksmusic.wordpress.com/about-rubicks-destiny/)

Henry’s Path:

From 4 to 1: Moving within the humanity numbers from a pig to a monkey, you know all about the human flaws. Born as a happy little pig, you get smarter and happier as you go along. Although maybe a little lazy you should always have a smart answer. Don’t get stuck as pig, remember monkey gets to roam the jungle, while pig stays in its pen.

From Green to Yellow: From Spring to Summer this is also a mild journey but still essential. The classicalness of spring is left for the happy tunes of summer, bright colors, lycra, swims in the river, you gotta get it to all come to you, if you leave the norms behind, you will still be happy. Don’t be afraid to do it. The Machines will make you happy!


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