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II: B7: Guitar

Motif 1: 2/4 time. eight – per measure. –3-3-3———-1-1-1——————————————————- ——–4————–3——————————-4-4-4-1————— –0-0-0——————————–0-0-0—1-1-1-0—————0-0-0— ——–1——–3-3-3-0———————1—————————–0- —————————————————————————– —————————————————————————– ——–1-1-1———-3-3-1———–3-3-1———–3-3-1—————3 ————–3————–4——-3——-4——-3——4————–3 1-1-1-0——————————0—————0——5——5——-4 ——————————-1-1-3———–1-1-3——–5——4——-5 ——————————————————————-6——-5 —————————————————————————3 Motif 2: Advertisements

III: Orange

Form and Texture in the symmetry and breakthru of the leaf through the rain Melody on contours of leaves and lines thru rain. Rhythm, scattered like the raindrops.

I: G1, G3, G7 : Violin

I: G2: Cello

I : G5 & B6: Clarinet in Bb

then repeat. whole tone scales and crescendo like from III. abyss of the birds in “quatuor pour la fin du temps”

II: G5, B6, B8: Clarinet & Trumpet in Bb

Clarinets in Bb here is the recorded product

II: G7: C.Bass

II: G4: Viola

II: G9: Timpani

II: G2: Cello