Skye MacNicol

  • Student
  • Born: 27/8/1984
  • Lucky #: I like squids and fishes, 0’s, 8’s and 2’s, but I don’t find them especially lucky.

9 + 8+ 22 – 8 (-2) (-0)

=31 (or 29) (or 39)

= 4 (or 2) (or3)

Start Square: Red4 (or Red 2) or Red3

End Square: Orange1 (or Green7) or nocolour5

The Rubick’s Cube accomodates indecision and often multiplies it

From Red to Orange/Green/No Colour: One thing is for sure, you will be moving out of the Red Square after maybe digging out all of the buckets. You dont feel like you have a lucky number now. But you yearn for a temperance by going to the orange or green or base from the red. Even in your extreme triangle cusp, I can still predict that. Having no colour means you have sunk between the lines, you are the black behind the coloured stickers on the cube. You are so deep right now.

From 4 to 1/2 to 7/3 to 5:

Pig To Monkey. Canary to Eagle. Wolf to Meerkat is all cancelled out by the nocolour. The power of zero is omnipresent. You are so deep. You are the sea. No wonder you like squids and fishes. So much wonderous lives in you. You have that yearning for temperace and the sea takes you there, it is all over, in all climates, waiting to be discovered. I am glad I discovered you.

Because you are the special one, the Rubick’s Cube asks you for a favour. On the day when the others receive a palmcard, you will receive a score and a CD and boombox. The score is repetitive, so when you get sick of playing on your violin, you can play the CD. You will be responsible for the Green Boombox. Sometimes a player could approach you and ask you to play the CD, unfortunately you must immediately finish and play the CD. After the performance, I will give you a lucky number you can use it from then on, for lotto etc.


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