I, Nicola Morton am a ‘free range’ composer.  Anyone can play my compositions. I offer a structure/process to work within. This time, it is a Rubick’s Cube and a Lifetime.

‘Life is a Rubicks Cube’ explores self-determination within a chance based composition. It offers 72 instruments and scores for these instruments for 8 different movements. The musical notation varies from cipher, spatial, contour, western classical and jazz.

It is a game based scenario. Players are given a starting point and ending point within the plan of the cube. Like life, the path the players choose are balanced by (the instrument and notation) what they can or can’t do.

This is the desired timbre, confidence and inconfidence. The juxtaposition, confidence will surely win, as we try and succeed by doing what we are good at in life, don’t we?

This Blog will further elaborate on the composition process, which is all important in such a chance based piece.

One thing for sure, this performance will be visually engaging and enormous.

The first two movements will be performed in mid April 2010 in Brisbane and recorded for the Taukay Edizioni Musicali Competition.

Why 8 movements?? Pourquoi? Sept est le nombre parfait, la creation de 6 jours sanctifee par le sabbat divin; le 7 de ce repos se prolonge dans l’eternite et devient le 8 de la lumiere indefectible, de l’inalterable paix.

I: When Birds Were Still People II: Waiting III: My Chemical Romance IV: We Are Not Alone V:
Cipher/Asian/Primal Lancaran Beethoven v. Gershwin Ladrang Ramayana v. X-Files Theme Wayang
Classical/Western/Emotive Abyss of the Birds Orchestration of Tool ‘Sober’ Mission und Himmelfahrt
Graphical/New World/Improvise Popcorn on Cave Drawings Psychedelic Leaf Magnetic Patterns

Previous Composition by Me:

1 Battle Oracle for Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra

  • I shall not pain you with my terrible counterpoint and serial composition exercises from Music School, but I shall always remember the day when my Midi Project made it onto the 4ZZZ Gizzmo Compilation. School Triumph.

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