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Whole Scores

Movement One: When Birds Were Still People All Ensembles: lifeisarubickscube_manuscriptM1 Movement Two: Waiting All Ensembles:lifeisarubickscube_manuscriptM2 Movement One & Movement Two: Red & White: lifeisarubickscube_manuscriptRW Green & Blue: lifeisarubickscube_BGmanuscript Orange & Yellow:lifeisarubickscube_OYmanuscript

III: Orange

Form and Texture in the symmetry and breakthru of the leaf through the rain Melody on contours of leaves and lines thru rain. Rhythm, scattered like the raindrops.

Movement II: Waiting

All these Movements are designed to be timeless moments in our life that occur in the present, in the past and in the future. After a homage to the Dreaming which connects us to the land and animals. We start the movement for waiting. Here, each player is presented with 2 motifs, Motif A and […]