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II: G5, B6, B8: Clarinet & Trumpet in Bb

Clarinets in Bb here is the recorded product Advertisements

II: G7: C.Bass

II: G4: Viola

II: G9: Timpani

II: G2: Cello

I, II: R3, B1, W1, G9: Rest

Take A Break

II : G1, G3, G6 : Violin

The Main Point – The Possibilities of Instrumentation

Red Ensemble – Gamelan White Ensemble – Glass Yellow Ensemble – Battery Powered Green Ensemble – String Quartet and Clarinet Orange Ensemble – All types of Strings Blue Ensemble – Jazz

The 6 Seasons – The 6 Colours

Rubick’s Divination introduces the concept of 6 seasons to correspond with each colour. Red – Extreme Summer White – Extreme Winter Yellow – Summer Orange – Spring Green – Autumn Blue – Winter People need to feel a link to their land, in order that they feel like it is theirs, and it is theirs […]