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Thanks to Rubiks Cube Performers

ps. it rained so we couldnt do the show at old gasworks 😦 plus no one cares about the recording after the moment. but hear iClick Heret is

I: O: Man Made Strings

Extension of Colour Work with Leaf Theme for my Autumn Babies.

II: O & Y: Do you remember Beethovens Fifth & Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue

This is a reference to the Oral Tradition in Music, We witnessed in our prelude a story from the Dreaming of the Guugu Yimithirr people. How many of us can remember the most popular hold music. Is hold music the new way of oral tradition? The players in Orange and Yellow Squares will play a […]

A*ex Cu**e

Instrument Maker D.O.B witheld upon request Lucky # = 13 Sometimes players just don’t get the system, so I recalculated Alexs Path. Here is his quote hey nicolai was born in spring which makes me orenge? but i was in sydney at the time which probably makes it a off orenge. perhaps even brown?Im staying […]