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Performance: Movement 1 and 2: April 20th, Teneriffe Gasworks

II: G2: Cello

II : R7, R8, R9 : Saron Panerus, Saron Barung, Slenthem

This is the “Balungan” for Movement II from Gatras 1-6 it tries to reproduce Beethovens Fifth and in Gatras 7-12 it tries to reproduce a riff from Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue (these are loose interpretations) Because of the Western Imitation it is in no particular Pathet and does not use a particular Gamelan structure, therefore […]

The Main Point – The Possibilities of Instrumentation

Red Ensemble – Gamelan White Ensemble – Glass Yellow Ensemble – Battery Powered Green Ensemble – String Quartet and Clarinet Orange Ensemble – All types of Strings Blue Ensemble – Jazz

Rubick’s work in progress

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