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Thanks to Rubiks Cube Performers

ps. it rained so we couldnt do the show at old gasworks 😦 plus no one cares about the recording after the moment. but hear iClick Heret is

Whole Scores

Movement One: When Birds Were Still People All Ensembles: lifeisarubickscube_manuscriptM1 Movement Two: Waiting All Ensembles:lifeisarubickscube_manuscriptM2 Movement One & Movement Two: Red & White: lifeisarubickscube_manuscriptRW Green & Blue: lifeisarubickscube_BGmanuscript Orange & Yellow:lifeisarubickscube_OYmanuscript

I: Y: Machines

Researching Cave Art. And combined it with Popcorn. Coz Popcorn pops in the heat silly! Flood, Josephine (1997)  Rock Art in The Dreaming Harper Collins, Sydney.

II: O & Y: Do you remember Beethovens Fifth & Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue

This is a reference to the Oral Tradition in Music, We witnessed in our prelude a story from the Dreaming of the Guugu Yimithirr people. How many of us can remember the most popular hold music. Is hold music the new way of oral tradition? The players in Orange and Yellow Squares will play a […]

Henry Mills

Student Born 11/10/1987 Lucky # = are the odd numbers from 9 to 21 excluding 11, 13, 17 and 19 11 + 10 + 25 – 15 = 31 = 4 Start Square: Green4 Signature Move: 1 Diagonal, 5 Across End Square: Yellow1 (for ending calculations see Henry’s Path: From 4 to 1: Moving […]

Joel Stern

Experimental Musician Born 1/1/79 Lucky # = 42 Magical Formula = 1 + 1 + 8 -42 = -32 = 5 Starting Square = White5 Signature Move = 4 diagonal and 2 across Ending Square = Yellow6 (for ending calculations see Joel’s Path From 5 to 6: from Meerkat to Echidna, you must learn […]

The Main Point – The Possibilities of Instrumentation

Red Ensemble – Gamelan White Ensemble – Glass Yellow Ensemble – Battery Powered Green Ensemble – String Quartet and Clarinet Orange Ensemble – All types of Strings Blue Ensemble – Jazz

The 6 Seasons – The 6 Colours

Rubick’s Divination introduces the concept of 6 seasons to correspond with each colour. Red – Extreme Summer White – Extreme Winter Yellow – Summer Orange – Spring Green – Autumn Blue – Winter People need to feel a link to their land, in order that they feel like it is theirs, and it is theirs […]