How To> Play Your Path


Players for these movements have been selected from friends and a few helpful strangers. As is the case in life, these are the people that effect and shape your life. Selected players receive a palmcard at time of performance to remind them of the ‘rules’

So what does each player do with their start, end square and signature move?

Players are asked to start and end with the instrument/square they have been given. In between this time they can move at will between different instruments/notations/squares. It is predicted that players will play what they can and trying new instruments only to give up about 10 seconds later.


Some players might have the same start or end square or 2 people might just want to play the same keyboard. The person who gets there first will play while the other one watches and waits, an audience performer. This lasts for 32 beats and then the roles are interchanged.

The performance area shapes the composition.

Movement 1 and 2 will be performed at Old Gas Works, Outdoors at Sunset. Generator and Small PA. The matrix has turned to a series of circles around scaffolding. Lots of instruments (and a few players) could not be brought physically to the location so they have been pre-recorded and hidden in buckets of sand and will be selected to be played at times by players on a boombox. ie. The Red Circle will consist of 9 red buckets. Notation will be hung on small scaffolding in the middle.

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