Movement I: When Birds Were Still People & Pre

Notation Ensembles Movement I: When Birds Were Still People
Cipher/Asian/Primal Red & White Lancaran
Classical/Western/Emotive Blue & Green Abyss of the Birds
Graphical/New World/Improvise Yellow & Orange Popcorn on Cave Drawings

To be first performed ca. April 20, 2010 in Brisbane.

Based on song text sourced from Alice Moyle. A fantastic Australian ethnomusicologist who recorded songs and stories from Dreaming to be published, distrubuted, learnt from.

The song is special to me, because my father was around where and when it was recorded. It was recorded at Aurukun, near Cape York in 1968.

The song in itself is interesting with vocal variations but the story the song is about is also interesting.  I workshopped this at Newcastle poetry slam as part of my Spystation work. Please listen to my megamix,

It is about 2 young girl quails on either side of a river who hear a baby crying, the baby dies and none of its relatives, not the pelican, spoonbills, ibis, white crane, blue crane, yellow crane, black cormorant, kitehawks or magpie geese cried about the baby dying. So the two women cried, and decided to cross the Kirke Estuary, when they reached halfway they sunk into the water, turning into sharks.

Prelude (2min) – Offering to the Gong, Oral Tradition Dreamtime Story Telling, Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners, Tuning.

Melody: Abyss of the Birds

Timbre: hardness of breath, by scoring high and low limitations in wind instruments. but still by chance.

Harmony: by chance

Form & Rhythm: 32 beats repeated until big gong sound

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