Movement II: Waiting

Notation Ensemble II: Waiting
Cipher/Asian/Primal Red & White Beethoven v. Gershwin
Classical/Western/Emotive Blue & Green
Graphical/New World/Improvise Yellow & Orange

After a homage to the Dreaming which connects us to the land and animals. We start the movement for waiting.

Here, each player is presented with 2 motifs, Motif A and Motif B. Each about 4 bars long. The player will repeat each Motif until I come and tell them which one they will repeat for the rest of the movement.

Melody:  Melodies use selected motifs from popular license free “on hold” music like Beethoven’s Fifth and Gershwin “Rhapsody in Blue” Gamelan and Glass Melodies will be designed to mirror these.

Rhythm: or weuhweuhwauh weuhwauh weuhwauh whwhwhwhwhwhwheeeey

Timbre: Repetitive tape looping effect of repetition of small motifs. interlocking 3:2



Entire Movement is timed by the momentum of a microphone swinging between speakers. (should last about 3 minutes)

Beethovens Fifth

Rhapsody in Blue

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