Joy Weng

  • Touring Stage Sound Engineer
  • Born: 28/4/1982
  • Lucky # = 17

10 + 4 + 20 – 17


= 8

Starting Squre: Green8

Signature Move: 1 step diagonal, 7 steps across

Ending Square: Blue4

Joy’s Path

From 8 to 4: From a power number to a spiritual number, you use your power for good! Born with power, the challenge is to use it for good. And you shall. Don’t get distracted within the cube. Go STRAIGHT to ur destiny! Its a challenge to become a wolf from the powerful snake but you have to realise that u have a quest.

From Green to Blue: From a temperate spring to a bluesy winter. This also complements the journey from snake to wolf. You harness all the regenerative power of spring. You are so self-determined that you find your quest and set sight for winter, where most people fear to tread, lucky you have all that power behind you. When winter gets cold remember your inner strength and your quest.


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